Social Community Commitment to our communities
We are expected to take care of the "needy, neglected and rejected". The blessings of the "privileged" should be shared and to have a natural channel of reaching the hungry, thirsty and strangers who are denied of their very basics. With operations for more than two and half decades, we are very well aware of the many worthy causes and projects which deserve our support.

Our general strategy is to support local programmes and charities which reflect the issues faced by their local communities. Therefore, SINCERE provides funding, volunteers and services to a broad range of organizations in the communities in which our employees live and work.
SINCERE - HOPE TUITION One of our key community development projects is "HOPE TUITION", through which free tuition / coaching is provided to large number of poor school going students through various centers. Staff Welfare Funding
The Staff Welfare Fund is instituted in our group to ensure that employees are supported during difficult times. The staffs are given financial assistance for the various critical needs like marriage, childeren education, emergency treatment, natural calamity and death.

Partnerships in Sport
Sport is not specific to a particular language, race, religion or gender and it is a passion around the globe. SINCERE enjoys supporting the local sports in the form of sponsorship, volunteering and also participating. SINCERE sponsored a state level athletic meet in Chennai, India recently.